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How To Build Your Personal Brand


We all are quite familiar with the great company brands of this century. The iconic logo of Apple, the rallying “Just Do It” from Nike are all brands. These are what first come into our mind when we think of the company.

A personal brand is what makes you unique. Jeff Bezos says “Your brand is how people describe you when you are not in the room”. A personal brand is a very important aspect of any professional. Sometimes, it can be a deciding factor during job applications and other similar opportunities.

Here are some tips to build a powerful personal brand.


Make your own website


This is a great way to display everything about you in one place. You can have your resume, work samples, testimonials, and photographs on this website. It can also contain blog posts and other things. What sets a personal website apart from other media is that people get to know your professional qualifications as well as your tastes and personality in one go. A potential employer or client gets to know everything that you bring to the table easily. It improves communication and allows you to showcase your talents in a single place.


personal website


Maintain an effective social media presence


In recent times, it has become a norm to check the social media activity of a person you plan to work with. Therefore you need to be careful with what you post online. Inappropriate content can certainly reduce your chances to be hired. Make sure to clean up your social media presence and maintain a professional identity. You can begin by making your public information work oriented.


social media marketing


Present your value


This a crucial step in building you brand. You need to have a specific message for the target audience. Take your time to perfect this. You need to answer questions such as “Why should someone work with you?” You need to prepare an elevator pitch that presents your skills, strengths and qualities in an attractive way. To make your pitch attractive, lace it with personal touches and maybe an anecdote. Keep the pitch short but effective by emphasising only the relevant points. This is what is going to set you apart from your peers.


Present your value


Improve your network


Widening your professional circle is must for building a personal brand. Connect with your colleagues, peers and superiors formally as well as informally. Interact with people at networking events. It is always recommended that you interact in person. However, you can reach out on LinkedIn as well as emails to fellow professionals. A strong network provides a host of opportunities that would not be available otherwise. This is a great opportunity to advance your career. It also gives recognition to your brand.




Understand your industry


For an effective personal brand, you must be a knowledgeable person. You must be thorough with the industry you are looking to break into. You must be well updated with the current developments in the field. You must be familiar with the expectations of the industry in order to tailor your CV accordingly. Make sure to follow the leaders and experts in your chosen field. Keep track of all developments, preferably in a journal. This will help you to demonstrate the depth of your brand and improve your network.


understand your industry


Share your Expertise


Your influence increases if you become a source of information. Try to become a person to whom people go for expert opinions. Such instances become testimonials to your knowledge. It gives a perception of reliability to your brand. You can begin by sharing relevant news via mailing lists. You can also have blogs about the hot topics in your industry. This establishes you as an authority in your industry, attracting more people.


Share your expertise

Have a unique style


Having a unique style of presenting can go a long way in making you stand out among your peers. This can come across in many ways. You can have an eye catching template of a resume, or an extraordinary website. You can apply this in various ways. It helps your audience remember you better.


Style statement


Give your online content a personal touch


You must remember that you are a unique person. It is this uniqueness that helps you connect better with people on a deeper level. Add personal stories to your website to interest the viewers. Describe your experiences and struggles on your blog. Keep personal social media accounts updated with your life events. All of this interests and intrigues the audience. It helps them connect with you beyond the professional image. This engages the audience and keeps them involved with you, increasing the influence of your brand.


Content marketing


Deliver quality


This is perhaps the most crucial aspect of building your brand. You can show off your skill online as much as you like. You may have a strong professional network. But all this is worthless, if you fail to meet the expectations of your employers or clients. You need testimonials and references to build credibility, and in the professional world, credibility is everything. The moment you fail to deliver, is the moment you lose credibility. If your work is immaculate, your popularity increases, and your brand grows stronger.Therefore, it is necessary to give your best in everything you take up.


Business quality


Conclusion :

In today’s world a personal brand is not a nice-to-have thing. It is expected of you. A strong personal brand can give you huge advantages. You immediately distinguish yourself from your competition and allow people to connect with the real you. This can give you big boost towards a successful career.

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