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Top 5 Digital Advertising Trends that Swept the World


Artificial Intelligence has Been Making More Inroads


Artificial intelligence technology has been advancing rapidly. It has been both praised and criticized. For digital marketers, AI has been nothing but beneficial.


AI has been used in digital advertising to help businesses get a better understanding of their customers’ needs. It has made it easier to analyze customers’ consumption habits and search patterns. It has also improved the collection and analysis of customers’ data from social media platforms. This has not only made it easier for digital marketers to personalize ads through programmatic advertising but also saved businesses a lot of time and money.


artificial intelligence
artificial intelligence


Interactive User Interfaces have Been Gaining Popularity


Communication is important in digital advertising. However, it is quite hard (if not impossible) to chat with every person that visits your site. However, you don’t need to be on the other end to communicate with your visitors – there are chat bots for that now.

Chat bots are powered by AI technology to respond to all customers’ queries in the same way that a human operator would. They are always operational, and current advances in technology have made them more accurate. By taking over communications, chat bots have helped nurture confidence in visitors who appreciate the verbal interaction. They answer questions regarding products and services and even offer recommendations, among other things. They have also saved businesses a lot of money that would otherwise go to human operators.


Videos are Taking Over


Video marketing is not new. However, it has evolved considerably since the start of the year. For starters, YouTube reports that video consumption has been growing by over 100% every year. It is also projected that videos will account for more than 80% of all traffic by 2020.

Video marketing is effective because it is interactive and even entertaining. 2019 saw video marketing change by introducing a greater degree of professionalism – marketers are making high-quality, live marketing videos worthy of awards. Videos have also become complementary for other content such as written blogs.


Visual and Vocal Searches have Become More Popular


Google reports that 20% of all mobile queries are in the form of voice searches. This is a growing trend that is expected to expand in the near future. Additionally, search engines have introduced visual searches – this is whereby people upload images instead of typing keywords to search for desired products or services. In fact, this trend is so promising that Pinterest has raised over $150 million in the technology, and more platforms are jumping on the bandwagon.

Every digital marketer knows that the secret to getting more traffic is making it easy for visitors to find whatever they’re looking for. To this end, digital advertisers have been putting their weight behind visual and voice searches in 2020 with impressive results.


Vocal Searches


Influencers have Been Getting Even More Influential


It is amazing how a leader or star can sway the public’s opinions. Influencer marketing is not new, but it is bigger than ever. More and more digital marketers have been turning to famous figures to market their products and services. So, what has changed?

For starters, digital advertisers are trimming their list of influencers – today priority is given only to the most influential figures for better ROI. Additionally, marketers are giving more freedom to influencers to “do their thing” – scripts may not be effective as the influencer’s personal approach since, after all, it is the personality that the audience is in love with.


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