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6 Easy Ways to Split Test Your Facebook Ads


Everyone likes to believe that their Facebook ad campaigns are effective. However, the truth is that only a fraction of all Facebook ad campaigns get good conversion rates. Smart digital marketers on Facebook split test their ads to determine their efficacy.
There are many ways to split test your Facebook ads. However, there are six most popular Facebook ads split testing options.

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Split Testing Ad Imageries


Images make up about 70-90% of all Facebook ads. They are engaging and capture more of the visitors’ attention. However, they vary in nature and efficacy.
The most ideal way to split test your images on Facebook ads is by reviewing the clicks, comments, likes, and shares – remember, the numbers do not matter as much as the reviews themselves. It is also advisable to source high-quality images from respectable sites such as Stock Images. However, if you choose to use your own custom-made images, then make sure that they at least meet the standards on Stock Images.


Split Testing the Target Audience


Facebook has algorithms that allow you to target audiences based on factors such as age, location, gender, behaviors, and interests, among others. This has proven effective. That said, it is also prudent to target a broad audience as you can get many leads from audiences that seem unlikely.
So, how do you know whether your audience is getting the message and acting on it? Facebook has the answers! Audience engagement can be measured using the Facebook relevancy score metric. This feature is available on the Facebook Ads Manager page. It enables you to determine your audience’s interests, thus allowing you to customize and improve your ads.


Facebook Split Testing


Split Testing Ad copies


Ad copies come next to images when it comes to Facebook ad copies. Again, the efficacy of any Facebook ad copy depends on how it is crafted in addition to other factors such as your target audience. And, just like images, the best way to split test your Facebook ad copies is by reviewing the reactions, likes, shares, clicks, and comments generated.

Tip: It is recommended to make your ad copies short considering that most Facebook users have short attention spans. It is also recommended to always include a call-to-action on all your ad copies in order to measure your audience’s engagement.


Split Testing Advert Types


Thanks to Facebook’s flexibility, advertisers have hundreds of ad types to choose from. Each type of ad has its benefits and shortcomings, and the type you choose should be determined by your business as well as other factors such as the target audience.
Again, the ideal way to split test your advert types is by reviewing the comments generated as well as the number of clicks, shares, and likes. It is also advisable to try different types of ads so as to determine the ideal type for your business. Seasoned marketers also recommend that you include images in all types of Facebook ads – remember, images are king when it comes to Facebook ads just like content is king when it comes to blogging.


Split Testing Call-to-Action Prompts


Call-to-action prompts are the anchor to all Facebook ads regardless of the type, the target audience, and many other factors. CTAs get visitors to do what every Facebook ad marketer wants – to take action and shop or, at the very least, visit the website being marketed.
The efficacy of CTAs is difficult to measure when compared to other split tests on this list. The only way to test the effectiveness of your CTAs is by reviewing your ads’ conversion rates.

Tip: Your CTAs should be subtle as most of your visitors are likely first-time visitors – it may seem rude to assume that all visitors are absolutely interested in what you have to market. Use subtle language such as “learn more” and “sign up” instead of “shop now”.


Setting Up Open Loop Ads


It’s not enough to just write an ad copy – interaction is necessary if you want to engage your audience. The best way you can use to engage your audience is by asking questions – this essentially opens up a loop in your Facebook ads so that your audience is always engaged. Questions, like ad copies, should be short and straight to the point – they should also be targeted to a specific audience for greater conversion rates.
Open-loop ads are easy to keep track of considering that they are query prompts – simply review the answers to your question on your comments as well as other aspects such as likes and shares.


Bottom Line


The only way you can be sure of your Facebook ad campaign’s efficacy is to split-test it. Split testing gives you an insight into your ads, thus helping you to optimize and improve them for the desired appeal. If you are looking to create better Facebook Ads, Adswedo is here for you. Contact us today and take the marketing of your business a notch higher!


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