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5 Ways Advertising Technology has Changed How Advertisers Think


Technology has permeated almost all industries. It has changed and is still changing how certain businesses operate. Marketers too have been changing with the changing times. Thanks to technology, marketers can come up with better and more effective adverts today.


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Here are five examples of how technology has changed marketing.


1. Advertising is Getting More Automated


Technology has made it easier for businesses to access adverts from marketers. This, in turn, has made advertising more programmatic and automated. It has also increased opportunities available to both marketers as well as businesses. Marketers can simply make their products accessible to their clients in the digital space via websites. Businesses, on the other hand, can browse entire inventories from remote locations and pick the one that suits them best.

Marketers have been saved a lot of time and resources that were used for planning manual media adverts. These resources have been directed towards coming up with better and more effective adverts. Consequently, advertising has become much more sophisticated and effective than before.


Automated Advertising


2. Mobile is Driving Sales


Millions of people get access of the internet via their mobile phones and other portable gadgets compared to desktops. Phones are small, light and easier to carry around. They have also been getting smarter by the day, making them just as effective as desktops and computers.

Marketers have taken notice of this trend and customized their adverts to be presentable on mobile devices. Their efforts have paid off well as statistics reveal that mobile devices are driving sales not only in marketing but also e-commerce. It’s estimated that approximately more than half of digital advertising is multi-screen today owing to the growing number of gadgets capable of accessing the internet, and particularly phones – this trend is expected to pick up momentum in the coming future.


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3. Premium Advertising has Gotten More Expensive


One of the main benefits of technology when it comes to marketing is that business owners can handle their marketing operations without the need for professional marketers. However, it’s also imperative to note that marketing has become more competitive over the years. And, as every smart business owner knows, the cut-throat competition demands that one presents the ideal image of oneself. Consequently, this makes it necessary to solicit the services of experts.

Marketers have become more sophisticated in their operations thanks to technology. Their prices have also gone up – there may be thousands of marketers offering their services at varying prices, but premium marketing has become even more premium. Unsurprisingly, business does not seem to mind the rising costs as long as their investments pay off – as mentioned, marketing has become more effective today thanks to technology, and the industry is thriving more than ever.


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4. Technology has Prioritized the Customer


Among other factors that are crucial for attracting customers, customer experience ranks at the very top. Every smart business owner endeavor to make sure that their customers are satisfied as this increases the chances that they will return.

Technology has provided customers with the power to choose businesses to transact with. The internet, in particular, puts thousands of businesses at the fingertips of customers. With this rate of competition, businesses are doing their best to present themselves as the most suitable options. Advertising takes center stage here, and most adverts are designed to appeal to the customer rather than exalt a business’s products and services. It has also made it simpler for customers to share their experiences about their dealings with businesses.


5. Marketing is More Purpose-Driven Today


Business is not all about making money. Most customers want to believe that the businesses they deal with are really what they present themselves to be. They want to have personal relationships with brands. Businesses that go against their supposed core beliefs are viewed as suspicious and suffer poor popularity among customers.

Marketers share the sentiments of customers for the main reason that they want to give customers what they want. To this end, they have customized their adverts to not only on what the businesses being advertised do but also why they do it in the first place. Consequently, marketing, just like most other business operations, has become more purpose-driven.


Bottom Line


Technology has had its benefits and shortcomings, and these benefits far outweigh the shortcomings in the marketing industry. It has played a big role in advancing the industry and has opened up more opportunities to both marketers and businesses. And, as time continues, technology is expected to revolutionize marketing as you know it entirely.

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