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26 Flyer Design Ideas For Your Next Project


Best Flyer Design Ideas

Advertising is a fiercely competitive arena for many brands. Every day, new tools and mediums are tried out, adopted and discarded by companies as they explore the best way to promote offerings of products and services. Branded digital presence is seeing the most expansion right now, from promotions on social media to Google self-promotion using SEO and SEM. However, that doesn’t mean we should count traditional mediums like flyers, brochures and leaflets out! You can use these materials to your advantage at events, exhibitions and trade shows! Physical advertising materials are also accessible to most budget and a great way to explore new creative ideas.


You can also use the same design elements on a physical flyer that you do on social media promotions, creating a 360-degree branding experience for your most loyal followers.



Innovative and Creative Flyer Design Ideas


1. A Splash of Color


A Plash of Color - Nonstop Corporation


Color is a design staple in the creative world, and the decisions you make about its use are incredibly important. That’s why it’s our very first point! Careful use of colors from vivid shades, classic hues, pastels and gradient effects add drama and spark to even the most basic of flyer designs. This restaurant is a great example. The background colors work perfectly to display colorful culinary dishes. The white plates also make a strong, clean contrast that makes this poster look – in a word – scrumptious! Is your mouth watering yet?


2. Keep It Simple, Sweetie


Flyer KISS - Nonstop Corporation


As you collect inspiration from modern designs and strive to be ever more unique and outlandish, you may forget that simplicity is a design in and of itself. Always keep the familiar adage in mind- K.I.S.S. or keep it simple, sweetie! Simplicity is especially key when you have limited space. Clean up your design and showcase your product with clear fonts, white spaces, and minimal color palettes. Take the example above. The flyer design is attractive and straightforward but tells you what you need to know. The carrots just pulled from the earth are the focus, signaling to the viewer that the featured meal will be fresh, organic and more than likely farm-to-table. The subtext, “celebrating Utah’s creatives” and the title “One Beautiful Meal” convey culinary artistry from simple word choice.


3. We See a Pattern


Pattern Flyer - Nonstop Corporation

Bright, high-contrast patterns are a choice that many brands shy away from, but when you execute this design aesthetic correctly it will stick in the mind’s eye for much longer than an average flyer. Bold patterns are also the answer if your product or service offering is quirky, fun or different. If your brand story is edgy, then a patterned flyer design is perfect. Some of our favorite uses of pattern play with different designing and printing techniques to create a 3D effect. However, make sure that you use contrasting colors in order to keep the design legible and easy on the eyes. It’s also important to match the scale of the pattern with the overall size and design of the flyer.
If you’re not sure what that means, take a look at the example above. The pattern of thick black vertical lines incorporates the brand logo seamlessly, yet unexpectedly. The black squares framing more event information harmonize with the design. That is because they use the same colors, and the angles of the black shapes work well with the vertical lines.


4. Make Your Seasons Bright


Seasons Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


You may hope to stretch your marketing and advertising buget by using the same flyer design year-round, but we don’t recommend it. To pull market share and capitalize on the biggest retail sales windows of the year, spend a little more on seasonal leaflets! Make sure to customize this to your market, of course. You don’t have to create a new flyer for Easter if it doesn’t make sense for your business. However, if your product makes for a great gift or could aid a tricky New Years resolution then begin advertising strategically. This strategy works particularly well for retail, automobiles, and restaurants. However, your business could always incorporate a clever seasonal special.

The above flyer uses a clear holiday palette and design elements to wish prospective clients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. s as well as the New Year with the play of festive colors and elements. Do you see the clever call to action at the bottom? The invitation to meet with the company in the New Year also makes use of a seasonal element without being overly sales-y.


5. Minimalism, all the way:


Minimalism Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


Oftentimes, minimalism is the hallmark of luxury brands. For example, Apple relies on short, to the point messaging and the now-iconic Macintosh apple symbol. Tiffany’s is recognizable by their blue box. Consumers will recognize your brand on-sight with a colorful, minimalistic flyer design. Sleek designs, sharp fonts, solid shades, and adopting “less is more” is the way to go.
Unsure what minimalism looks like in action? Check out the example above. Sleek, a little bit playful, and definitely iconic.
However, keep in mind that this thoroughly modern approach will work best for only some products. In fact, this is a design aesthetic popular in many niches, but not necessarily mainstream events, companies or retail locations.


6. Get artistic:


Artistic Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


Many a time, product or a brand demands that the flyer design needs to be artistic and surreal in nature and its overall creative approach.
Especially if you are fashion or a music brand, you will need to add the touch of artistry with the splash of colors, gradient effects, ink shape designs, calligraphy, the play of textures, and more. Have a look at the above mentioned example, the splash of the hues of pink over the off white background with the clear message and communication. It is artistic, eye-catching and visually appealing.


7. Schemes and Offers:


Scheme and Offer Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


If you are in a market with a lot of competition, you’re probably no stranger to going the extra mile with enticing offers to generate interest in your target audience. Therefore distributing flyers, coupons and collateral is probably one such strategy. Take a cue from the above flyer of a fashion brand. The design incorporates bold colors, attractive line detailing and an enticing offer to draw recipients into the store.


8. Try new layouts:


New Flyer Layout - Nonstop Corporation


Here is an idea that not many dare to embrace as it can be quite a risk. But in the world of design and creativity, you will have to take and embrace risks to create something that is path-breaking and makes you try something novel and unique. And one such example is to try out different layouts in the shape and size of the flyer rather than sticking to the molds of rectangles and squares. Or if you don’t wish to play with the size owing to the printing budget constraints, change the layout on the design part to get that creative edge and class. Consider the example mentioned above where the designer has played with the design elements that make it so appealing and attractive to look at.


9. Play with printing techniques:


Printing Technique Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


To make your flyer do all the talking and grab the instant attention of your customers, you have to mix the techniques and creative strategies of both the aspects that are designing and printing. You will have to design and layout the flyer in such a fashionable manner so that the creative printing techniques can be applied. Take a cue from the above displayed example of the flyer showcasing the best of both the worlds making it look spectacular and quirky at the same time.


10. Doodle it up:


Doodle flyer - Nonstop Corporation


Playing with doodles displaying the features and attributes of your product or service offerings is another way to make your flyer design stand apart from the rest of your contemporary brands with a creative edge of charm and all the fun elements. Plus the color scheme, layout, and typeface should complement your brand architecture and the nature and type of your offerings. And keep in mind that you don’t have to go haywire and make sure that doodle designs are not over the top and confusing to understand and decode. The above displayed flyer of a gourmet meal restaurant has done a fantastic job with the doodle effects. What an amazing creative approach…!


11. Gritty and Gothic:


gritty and gothic Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


Many brands shy away from trying out the flyer designs that are gritty and gothic in nature with the vintage look and feel as it can be a considerable risk as the fonts are heavy and color scheme is also not that subtle and classy. Hence, do give second thoughts if you want your flyer design to have that Goth style and effect to it. Just like the above-mentioned flyer design of an American eating joint has done with the color tones, graphics, and the overall look and feel. It can be a very well calculated design and creative risk.


12. Line effect, anyone:


Life effect Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


The design is just not confined to using the stock imagery that is available on the various stock photos websites or using the actual images of the product and services offerings. You can always play with fine lines giving them a smooth, classy, and a creative texture forming your design elements complementing your brand architecture and features of your offerings. Just like the example of the above-showcased flyer, it looks so clean and attractive with the sheer blend of lines with the background color and the entire layout of the flyer.


13. Take nature’s route:


Nature Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


If your brand sells the products that are herbal and organic, then it will be a brilliant idea to consider incorporating the various elements of nature in your flyer design. Fresh green leaves, flowers, sunsets, and more with the subtle and pastel shades especially the hues of green and blue convey your message in just a single look. Still confused on how to do it, take a cue from the above-mentioned example where the designer has opted to use to the imagery of fresh green leaves adhering to the product attributes.


14. The power of Black:

Power of black Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


Many brands and their cynosures shy away from using the hues and shades of black in their flyer design and even as their brand color.
But if you are targeting the luxury market segment and your product or service offerings screams class, black is your color, my friend. Its classy, powerful, and works as a fantastic background color for the contrasting typeface, imagery, and logo. Consider the example of the above-displayed flyer of the liquor brand, the use of charcoal black and product placement on the flyer with the bold typeface makes it so luxuriant and splendid.


15. Play with varied perspectives:


3D Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


In order to get that required and distinguished edge amidst the tough competition, you will have to create something that is unique and never thought of. And playing the perspective with the play of fonts, giving a 3D effect to the imagery, logo placement, and the layout; can work wonders. Spot the play of perspectives in the above-mentioned example, and you will get a fair idea on what and how it needs to be done creatively and outlandishly.


16. Let photography do its task:


Photography Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


Many of the brands and their marketing and promotional techniques demand the use of actual or stock photography and imagery to showcase the nature of the brand and its offerings of products and services. It is mainly the case with travel and real estate firms where they have to tap into the dreams and desires of their target audience. Just like the travel and tourism brand has done in the above-showcased example. Use of the imagery with all the details of the travel package grabs all the attention of the avid travelers.


17. Throw an upfront question:


Upfront Question Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


Don’t just rely on the aspects of design whilst curating the flyer design. Think about what else you can do to grab the instant attention of your target audience. Bingo, throw an open question to them targeting their pain or problem area and how your product or service offering can solve the same with its unique features and attributes. Isn’t it quite interesting, this gameplay of questions? What a marvelous job the designer of the above-showcased flyer has done. The question is in the bold font, and the answer lies beneath it.


18. Make an arresting statement:


Arresting Statement Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


If you are into solving the social causes of the society or a fundraising organization, rather than going heavy on the design and creative part with your flyer, we suggest you make a strong and a hard-hitting statement right on an upfront basis to tap the emotional and sensitive side of your target audience. Take an instance of the flyer mentioned above, quite thought provoking and hard hitting statement, we must say.


19. Go gaga about your product:


Go GAGA Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


Don’t beat around the bush and play hide and seek with the customers, just go direct and gaga about your product right on the face of the flyer. Place your product image boldly and glaringly talking about its merits and attributes in a highlighting way. Customers don’t have much of the time to decode the teaser on the face of the flyer and then go inside to know about it. The above-showcased flyer totally nails the direct approach and wins the hearts of the customers.


20. Solve their problem area:


Problem Solving Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


Rather than playing peek-a-boo or blending quite many design elements and teasers in the flyer, why not go direct by talking about how your product or service offerings can solve the problem area of the customers. Mention your most unique benefit upfront using glaring and bold fonts so that they don’t have to look any further and saves a lot of their time and effort. And trust us; customers appreciate the brands that are direct in their approach. The flyer showcased above makes quite a statement directly.


21. Take help of social media:


Social Media Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


It is quite necessary for the field of business to go with the modern and technological advancements to catch and tap the current and trending nerves of the market. And social media and selfies are a rage this season so why not try it out in the flyer design as well. It will surely grab a lot of eyeballs and attention of the youth and make you amp up your style and creative game. This example of a dessert selling brand is using all the elements that are ruling the roost today, and the flyer design does a very fine job to attract one’s attention for all the right reasons.


22. Use a smiling and positive imagery:


Smiling positivity Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


Using one good shot that quite positive and can bring a smile on the face of your target audience, makes you win half of the battle.
Hence, we suggest you to select the images that have human elements and a human touch to create an emotional connection giving a positive look of your brand in the market. The girl in the above example looks so fresh and confident with a smile on her face and a phone in her hand. It is a flyer of a telecom brand and what better image to use and showcase your service features and merits.


23. Give too many definitions:


Define Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


While many of the artists and creative designers won’t buy this idea of giving too many definitions to the flyer designs, but we do vouch for the same. It does the trick of being out-of-the-box but you have to be extra careful with the play of images, color hues, typeface, and all the other elements as all of it can look disintegrated and scattered if not done correctly. Take a cue from the above-showcased example and take tiny and small steps to attain this flyer design idea.


24. Go Contemporary:


Contemporary Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


Today’s generation likes it all clean, sleek, modern, and stylish with all the vibes and feel of contemporary fashion. Hence, you have to go with the flow and create a mood board in your flyer that has all of the above-mentioned creative attributes screaming class of contemporary and modernity. And honestly, there is no harm in doing the same as it looks quite clean and crisp. Just like the above-showcased flyer example, one of the best flyer designs we have come across.


25. Use block design:


Block Design Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


If you want to give an edge of creativity to the imagery and the typeface, go for the block design but be very careful in the selection of the colors and the breathing space. And make sure that the product offering and its attributes are not merged with the design leaving the target audience confused and harrowed. Your product is your main hero and not the design elements, keep this factor in mind, always.
The above-mentioned flyer design has done quite a decent job with the block design elements and the product is showcased brilliantly. What do we ask for more?


26. Optimum use of the space:


Optimum Flyer - Nonstop Corporation


As we have discussed above, the flyer doesn’t have much of the space to showcase all the creative elements that we have in our minds along with the product or service offerings. Hence, it is entirely necessary to make use of all the available space in an optimum manner without going over the top and leaving a breathing space in the overall design as well. Take a look at the above-mentioned example of the flyer, space is utilized so beautifully plus the product and its features are also showcased in a seamless manner making it look informative and attractive at the same time.


There are too many ideas to be explored and have been used and explored to design a beautiful and brilliant flyer but it all boils down to your product or service offerings along with the printing budget that you have in hand.
Hence, it is quite vital for the marketers to consider which of the above-mentioned ideas can be used for your offerings and make the best use of it.
Also, keep your target audience at the focal point with every stroke of design and the use of creative elements.

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