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9 Ways to Ace Social Media Marketing


The chances are that you’re skeptical about engaging your business into social media marketing. You don’t think social media actually work since it has not yet worked for your business. Probably you opened up a Twitter or Facebook account a year ago,and you only log in once or twice a week. You have less than 100 followers, and still, you haven’t got any website hits or links come out of it.

But, here’s the secret, social media campaign only works if you put some effort on it.

Many businesses that have tried marketing their businesses through social media fail because they often do it without proper strategy. Once they set up their social media account, they fail to know what next. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way in 2020.

This article will discuss nine ways to ace social media marketing in 2020.


1. Use More Videos in your Marketing


People do love videos, and so do the marketers. It is easy for people to retain a video in their brain since they are self-explanatory as well as engaging. Research has it that by 2021, 80% of global internet traffic will be comprised of videos. So, if you are looking to take your social media marketing on the next level in 2020, you better start incorporating videos into your content.


2. The Rise of AR and VR


Experimental marketing has got a good opportunity to engage the audience and create a memorable experience for them. Argumentative Reality (AR) can make real-life experiences more realistic on advertisements. Virtual Reality (VR) can be used in a simulated environment or bring life to events that are far away. Marketers today have started using different social media features such as Snapchat’s Geofilters, FB’s Oculus Rift Glasses, and Amazon to help customers try on clothes virtually. The use of such social media features to increase customer base is likely to be on the rise in 2020.


3. Create Valuable Content


As they say, content is king. In 2020, marketers are likely to be more creative in creating their social media content. Quality content is always sure to engage the audience,and the chances are that it will be widely shared across different social media platforms. Quality content also makes a difference when it comes to SEO ranking. For social media content to be quality, it needs to be informative, actionable, shareable and relevant to the target audience.


4. Social Commerce Hit the Buy Button


After a consumer has interacted with a product, as a marketer, the most logical thing to do is to encourage the customer to purchase the product. Social media platforms can make this come true for marketers as well as consumers.

Marketers can optimize their ads in a way that they can be able to add a buy button. This button can eliminate all the complicated procedures that might require the consumer to install an app or visit a certain website to make a purchase. As much as this trend is already in the market, it has not been widely used. However, the trend is likely to be adopted by more marketers in 2020.




5. Use of Social Media to Search for Products


In the world today, consumers are more informed and are more conversant with different technology. According to research, 84% of respondent said that they rely on and trust online reviews and recommendations. This means that social proofs such as positive reviews, likes,and shares are vital for a marketer. As a marketer, while you are advertising your product or services in social media, make sure you also popularize your product to receive positive reviews. Consumers have confirmed that the first place they go to while searching for a product is social media. As much as this trend is already in use by most consumers, it is likely to go into a whole new level in 2020.


6. Unique Content


Due to the increasing demand from consumers in different products, manufacturers have been introducing different products that serve the same purpose now and then. Now, manufacturers are looking to come up with customized products for each individual. This may sound a bit ambitious,but that is where the world is heading. People are ready to spend so long as they get a product that has some unique features according to their specifications. The same is happening with social media marketing. A majority of social media platforms are already engaging themselves in the process of customizing advertisements according to a user’s likes, preferences,and clicks. This trend is only getting bigger,and it will help users reach customers who are uniquely looking for their products.


7. Use of Artificial Intelligence


Today, most marketers have started using artificial intelligence to interact with their customers. This kind of intelligence helps marketers perform some of the repetitive tasks, offer recommendations at a personal level and perform productive analytics. Marketers will incorporate artificial Intelligence to social media to help them offer product recommendation to customers, identify businesses issues and also offer customer support.


8. Niche Platform for Targeting


Most social media platforms available today such as Facebook, YouTube,and Twitter accommodate the mass audience. However, platforms such as LinkedIn deals with a specific niche making it easier to reach an audience for that specific niche. In 2020, such social media platforms that target a specific group of customers will start emerging.


9. Step Up Your Sell Game


The popularity of both online and offline games has been on the increase within the past year. Statistics has it that 70% of women and 65% of men of ages between 24 and 45 have been spending most of their time playing these games. Brands can take advantage of some of the popular games such as Pokémon Go to create awareness about their products.


Bottom Line


There you have it; some of the social media marketing trends you should be on the watch out as a marketer in 2020. Now that you know what to expect in 2020, it is upon you as a marketer to prepare on how you can make the most out of these opportunities.

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