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10 Graphic Design Trends 2020

2019 was quite interesting in terms of designs and so is this year. In today’s blog, we are going to go through the emerging trends of this year just to keep us on the front foot of the designing trends in 2020. We all know designs are vivid and they help us understand the world but as time passes the trends of design changes. So, if you are a designer or if you are interested in designing then you should stay updated about the current graphic design trends. When you are updated you understand the latest styles and it reflects in your work giving it a fresh touch along with making it easy for you to understand the client’s needs and expectations.

1. Open Compositions:-


Open graphics
Open design


Designers are now advancing towards free-flowing compositions rather than frames or boxes encompassing elements in a definite order. The easy-going composition in the design makes the elements surge into infinity. These designs create a spark of imagination into the minds of the audience raking their minds to exploring more pieces of the existing design.


2. 3 D Design:-


3d graphics
3d graphics


This trend is somehow not new for us as this style has been quite stable on our list for some of the years. All thanks to the evolving technologies the graphic designers are creating masterpieces that take the viewers in the world of virtual reality. These stunning effects make the compositions recreate the world around you along with constructing new environments and dimensions.


3. A Splash of Color


Realism vs flat design
Realism vs art graphics


The trend of fusing opposites is not something new for graphic designers. The concoction involves complementing trends mixed in an indefinite ratio just to please the viewer’s eye. Often flat objects and real-life objects are mixed with the addition of flying and floating effect which makes it overall abstract. But the results we get just pop up a true dimension of the design because it is said that “opposites do attract”.


4. Metallic-Effect:-


Metallic Effect


The trend of metallic colours like gold and silver is not at all a new concept but this year we will be incorporating other metallic colours too. These metallic colours add depth and strength to the overall design with a hint of luxury and exclusivity. As always gold and iridescent top the charts in 2020 in case of packaging design as in the case of classic designs black and white are irreplaceable.


5. Asymmetrical Layouts:-


Asymmetric design

Asymmetrical design trend not only does breaks out from the outcasted and restricted grid but the products or the websites turn alive and the content outcasts the regular traditional formats. This not only makes the viewers more curious about the website but also makes them explore more to find more about the graphics and information on it.


6. Art Deco:-




Art deco
Art Deco


This hundred-year-old design has made its entry in this list with a bang as it has made its comeback in 2020. It can be applied to any theme or subject but is moreover associated with the classic works of the designers like A.M Cassandre. They are totally in contrast to the country-inspired work that was trending in the last few years as these designs are more lavish and striking than the previous ones.


7. Isometric Design:-


Isometric graphics


These designs help you create the whole universe in a teeny tiny space with a lot of detail. Even though the designs are simple and clean the flat designs cannot reflect the depth and details of the design. The trend is quite popular due to its icons as they are more inviting and concrete. Also, the added advantage is they can be saved in smaller file sizes.


8. Maxi Typography:-


Maxi typography


With the power to communicate the ultimate message of the brand typography plays an essential role in graphic designing. If you are trying to be innovative then make sure you are making typography an active part of the design so that it interacts with real-life objects and people. This year’s typography trend involves combinations of vertical, horizontal and diagonal orientation along with messy typography.


9. Vivid Colours Combos:-



Vivid color combos
Coloured graphics


Vibrant and vivid colours help to entrap the attention of the audience and help us to convey our message through them. It’s time to go bold with these rich colours as they give a futuristic feel to the overall design and shift you into an alternative universe for sure. These designs can be made more powerful by combining it with 3 D visual techniques.


10. Bold Duo-Tone Graphics:-


Bold due tone graphics
Graphic design


This is another graphic design trend that can go well with any other trends. Duotones help us to create an image that matches our brand’s personality. But moreover, the addition of bold colours in this trend has set another trademark for this design and has increased its fame by ten folds. Along with adding depth to the design it shows a youthful side of your brand and establishes a brisk connection.

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